Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8: Holy Sh*t- you're lyin!


 I actually had to get off the scale and get back on to make sure I read it correctly. I thought my eyes might be playing tricks on me- NO! I lost 2 pounds! For a grand total of 5.4 pounds for the whole week! I haven't lost that much weight in one week since the first week I did weight watchers-  back when I was ... ahem A LOT heavier and A LOT younger. :)

Even better, do you see this picture? This is me in my new jeans... excuse me, my new old jeans... I havent been able to fit into these for two years. They are still a bit tight. Helloooo camel-toe. But in no time I am sure they will fit just right!

I am also happy to report todays breakfast recipe called for pasta! :) And trust me, I savored every morsel. I am a bit surprised Bob lets us eat something so starchy, especially since he seems so dead set against complex carbs.- I guess as long as its not after breakfast (rule 3).

It sort of makes me worried - a big loss followed by pasta? The overly cautious side of me smells a gain for tomorrow. Sigh, if that happens I guess I will just have to power through...

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