Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 3: I want to stab you with a butter knife

Its only three days in and I am already having delusional thoughts. I think I am so hungry that my body is starting to eat my brain. Hm, maybe that is why we have to take THREE fish oil pills a day (rule 9)... to offset the brain deterioration.

Normally, I'm a very nice girl (most would say) but today I am crabby, irritable and generally unpleasant to be around.

I may be losing my sanity.

This morning I walked into the employee Dining Room and saw a man buttering a delicious piece of toast with a very satisfied look on his face. Immediately, my first thought was, "I want to stab you. With a butter knife. With the one you are using. Right. Now." He was so smug.... not really.... He's in IT. He's a very nice guy. But at that moment I wanted to go all exorcist on his ass.

Today I told my coworker that if she brought in cupcakes I would smash them in her face. I really like her but I think I might do it, I'm feeling very unstable.

The cravings are insane. Today its cake. I am seeing it everywhere. Yesterday it was bagels. The day before, gummy worms. I swear if I don't get some sugar my neck is going to crane sideways and my head is going to start spinning in circles.

THANK GOD I lost another pound. Its the only thing thats keeping me going.

Total loss= 2.8

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