Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7: For the love of god, no more chicken, PLEASE!

Let me just say, if there wasn't something pressing— something very, very special coming up I would not be able to stick to this diet.

It is really hard.

And I am already SICK of eating chicken and greens. Bleeeech. 

I am also frustrated. Today I was the exact same weight as yesterday. Ugh! It has been three days of near perfect diet behavior and I am pretty much stuck in the same place on the scale. This makes it hard to keep going.

I know it takes time. It is just that I want results now. Especially when I am working so hard.

Tomorrow morning will mark one week.

In addition to all my hard work, this diet takes TIME —AND LOTS OF PREP WORK. I feel like Im either prepping food or exercising.

On an up note, there is a silver lining about Week 2 on this plan. New recipes! Looks like pasta for breakfast, shrimp, tropical fruit....even steak for dinner next week!

Thank goodness because I am starting to hate chicken.

Total weight loss so far: 3.2

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