Monday, July 8, 2013

Day One: This seems oddly familiar

Stepping on the scale today was rough. But not as bad as I expected. Still Bad. But not AS BAD as I expected. I wasn't even hungry most of the morning - probably because I gorged myself on LL Hawaiian as a "last meal" last night. As if I hadn't had enough Hawaiian food these past two weeks...

Luckily I am getting pretty quick with the meal prep. I actually fixed both my breakfast and lunch in a half hour before work. Maybe because I have made these meals before I am familiar with how to whip them up fast. Who knows... I will admit they aren't "exact" I sometimes sub some of the vegetables for what I have in the fridge.

My only cheats were: an apple, a couple extra bites of chicken, some lifesavers, an extra spoo nfull of sugar in my coffee, a couple small pretzels and a Lara Bar. Wow, that sounds kinda bad when I list them all out like that. Oh well, its gotta be better then how I ate yesterday... maybe tomorrow will be better....

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  1. Feel comfort in the fact that you are doing this program with someone...yes, I may be across the country, but I understand the daily struggles you go through. The cravings, the annoyance of constant food preparation, and the constant desire to punch that co-worker in the face while eating his third (!!!) Snickers bar of the day RIGHT in front of me...and he's so skinny! It's funny, I never really cared for Snickers, but some days I damn near want to break his arm off to take it from him! LOL.

    As hard as some days can be, I can say that I'm on day 9 of the diet and does get easier. Even though the struggles can be tough, NOTHING beats the feeling of sticking to it, harnessing your will power, and seeing the pounds just melt away! Honestly, once those bad habits are removed from your daily routine, they are easier to forget. Albeit, some of those bad habits come around like the nostalgic memories of a bad childhood sitcom, but just "change" the channel and keep it moving.

    Like you, I sometimes substitute veggies and spices to use what's left in the refrigerator. And yes, I'm so sick of chicken!!! Let's face it, Bob may have a great BOD, but he is no Top Chef. That man wouldn't know a spice if it smacked him in the face. You can monitor salt intake and actually spice up your food! I have been playing with recipes more the past few days and I'm still seeing the same rate of loss.

    I want you to know you have supporters in this. It is a tough program, but so are you. Show Bob what your made of and kick some major butt :)